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Radio SLOVO On-Line Boryslav Ukraine This way of working opens up new opportunities not only for our team but also for all of you, our dear listeners. This - new horizons for the dissemination of information from advertisers. This - the opportunity for our customers to transfer radiovitannya around the world. This - together with you our perspective spread the word about our city, our problems and our achievements. This is - always and everywhere a way to be aware of events taking place

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The team Radioredaktsiyi Word launched a new large-scale project - internet radio. In this way we try to go in step with the times and provide access to timely and accurate information about our city to all Internet users. Now, the program Radioredaktsiyi The word can not only listen to residents Borislav, Skhidnytsya and the surrounding villages who use the services of wired radio, but anyone who has access to a computer and the Internet

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